Dalewood Health Clinic

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Dalewood Health ClinicDalewood Health Clinic – The Journey Begins

The journey to attain ultimate health and wellness begins with building a lifestyle which supports you. A healthy lifestyle is built by making healthy habits and choices as part of your daily routines. You do not need to completely overhaul your entire life all at once. These changes can be made gradually. In order to achieve the ultimate health goal, the base of good health must be built up with a reliable health care facility with surefire capability to handle your health and wellness goals.

About Us

As a leading provider of lifestyle and wellness programs, Dalewood Health and Wellness center is the premier syndicate for maximum health care with an ultimate aim to service clienteles in Ontario, Canada and its surrounding states. Our successful story started 5 years ago when a group of medical specialists nurtured the idea of helping people manage their health problems to help them live a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle.

We plunged into this system through a reliable care approach to help you manage your care using our at-home intake and patient in-take health services. Our commitment to quality treatment and growing a healthy community is what makes us unique and a one-stop center for patients in Ontario, Canada.

We pride ourselves on a group of qualified medical professionals who use cutting-edge medical procedures and principles to help you regain total control of your health. Our health programs have been fully developed to help you manage your weight loss and weight management using effective methods without forbidden foods, restrictive diets, needless injections or unnecessary supplements

Unparalleled Care Starts with easy access to Qualified Health Care Professionals

We offer a wide range of health care services for Patient Access In-take Centres (PAICs), then to At-home Intake Health services. Some of which include Weight Management (Adult & Children), Stress Management, Fitness & Exercise, Metabolic Rate Test (RMR), Genetic Gene Testing, and Smoking Cessation.

We will show you proven effective ways to lose weight and manage it while living a proactive lifestyle. Our registered dieticians are able to provide you with meal plan structures, detailed personal nutrition report and recipes to help you regain your weight in no time. Our approach is buttressed with analyzing patients’ opinions and satisfactory levels.

Our Patient Access In-take Centres (PAICs) is a conveniently located facility, usually near a major transportation hub, comprised of Health Care professionals with varied but complimentary qualifications and skills that contribute to the achievement of a Patient’s well-being. We also offer at-home health services, within our serving areas to give you a more personalized care.

At Dalewood Health Clinic, we look to the future of health care, we continue to grow and evolve. We believe that a hospital should be as focused on treating injury and illness as it is to helping people avoid the need for treatment completely.

Why Should You Go for US?

We use state-of-the-art facilities and the latest medical protocols to give you a more personalized care. We are able to give you our services regardless of your sex, gender, age, religion, ethnicity or anything that will make you feel ostracized. Dalewood Health Clinic has hundreds of clients who have positive, successful, outcomes who are grateful for the care we provided in helping them reach their health and weight loss goals. Our reputation is enough to convince you.

Our locations

We work day-in day-out to make our services readily available to clients in our serving areas.  With this in mind, we provide comfortable, easy-to-reach locations to patients who are looking to benefit from our health and nutrition services with extended hours.

This makes us flexible with our operation as our patients can access their information at any PAIC location by our health care professionals.

We attend to clienteles in the locations below:

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Surrey
  • Vancouver – Burnaby
  • Winnipeg
  • Halifax / Dartmouth
  • Barrie
  • Brampton



Men’s Health Care Products

Andras Fiber Review: Men’s Hair Concealer

Is Andras Fiber a good option for completely bald men? Maybe.

Andras Fiber is advertised as a product to help conceal hair loss. So if a person has a bald patch, he can use these microscopic fibers to cover the spot.

Andras Fiber works by electrostatically attaching themselves to existing hair and scalp cells. But fully bald men won’t have any hair for these fibers to get attached to. The fibers will still attach themselves to the scalp, but the tiny hair may create an odd look. So while it may help give an appearance of very short tiny hair, it will not look very natural on completely bald heads.

But if a person has thin hair or bald patches, these fibers do a good job of concealing them. One big benefit of Andras Fiber is that it stays attached even if it gets wet in the rain.

The fibers come in trial size bottles, so it is easy to test and decide.